Easter Sunday Menu

Reihe bunter Ostereier BRUNCH  Healthy French Toast Fresh berries on whole grain bread with a toasted almonds, ricotta and a maple syrup twist.  ____________________________________  DINNER APPETIZER Asparagus Spinach Soup Healthy fresh ingredients create Spring in a bowl! ENTREE Maple Orange Garlic Glazed Ham Maple syrup combined with freshly squeezed orange juice with garlic make a the perfect glaze […] Continue reading →

Easy, Lighter Scalloped Potatoes

Scalloped Potatoes 088(f) Ok, I have a question for you all.  Have you ever had a delicious tasting, SKINNY version of scalloped potatoes?  Hmmm …. I thought not.  After a lot of experimenting (and a couple of colossal failures) and a burning desire to create a very low cal recipe, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not possible!  At […] Continue reading →

Peas, Pearls and Fresh Mint

Peas and Pearls 408(f) Has Spring fever hit you yet?  The snow is melting, you don’t have to put 4 layers of clothes on, the winter boots are almost (fingers crossed!) in storage and there is daylight past 5 pm.  I feel like doing a dance every time I jump out of bed in the morning and to celebrate, here’s […] Continue reading →

Maple Orange Garlic Glazed Ham

Baked Ham 277(f) I’m so excited to be sharing this glazed ham with everyone today because ..(confession time again!)…it’s the first time I’ve ever cooked a ham! I grew up in a family of turkey lovers so we cooked it for Christmas, New Years, Easter, Thanksgiving and any other time we could find an excuse. It was very […] Continue reading →

Simple Asparagus Spinach Soup

Asparagus Soup 153(f)2 A soup doesn’t get any easier than this!  Just a few simple ingredients and you’ve got yourself an elegant dish that is super healthy.  This is perfect as an appetizer so I’m including it in my Easter menu series.  Doesn’t it make you think that Spring is just around the corner?  It is – no, […] Continue reading →

Kale and Artichoke Dip

Kale and Artichoke Dip 518(f) We all know that kale is good for us, right?  It seems that the whole world knows this because they are gobbling up this super food these days and there is now a warning of a world shortage.  Apparently, the  kale farmers were not prepared for the overwhelming popularity and really, who would have thought it would take off […] Continue reading →

Healthy French Toast

Easter Brunch 073(f) Oh boy, do I miss French toast!  Remember those Sunday mornings growing up when you’d come home after church and your parents got together in the kitchen making French toast and bacon?  Heavenly!  Well, guess what – I’m bringing you a new healthy version that will put it on your table again and your kids […] Continue reading →

Tuesday Tidbits No.26

TESS15469130972_ce41c6a53a_b Hi everyone – it’s Tuesday Tidbits time!  I missed last week’s Tidbits and I don’t have a good excuse – I just ran out of time!  Things have been very busy lately and I’m excited to be creating new Easter dishes for you that I will begin publishing on Friday.  There are 7 dishes in […] Continue reading →

Turkey Pasta Puttanesca

puttanesca 079 (1024x683)(F) Sometimes a recipe just writes itself and I love when that happens.  This came about after making a couple new dishes (which you’ll see soon) and when I had all the leftover ingredients, I combined them together, added a few spices and some pasta and voila – Turkey Puttanesca.  After I created it, I googled the title and I […] Continue reading →