Happy Canada Day!

Moraine_Lake_17092005 Most of you know I’m  Canadian but I have quite a few more subscribers in the last six months so here’s my official announcement in case you missed it – I am a proud Canucklehead! This year Canada Day snuck up on me and I have to admit I didn’t even make a special dish but I […] Continue reading →

Chicken Penne Florentine

Chicken Penne Florentine This is the third dish in a series of 4 recipes that I cooked up with many of the same ingredients.  My goal was to demonstrate that with the addition or subtraction of a few additional flavours, you can create a lot of diverse dinners using the same ingredients.  This is a handy tool to […] Continue reading →

Tuesday Tidbits (No. 35)

AAAAA3TTstract_widewallpaper_fresh-strawberries_38317 Good morning, everyone.  It looks like summer is officially here and with that, we’ve got strawberries ready to be picked!  It’s a big deal around here because the berries are so delicious and finding new ways to cook them is so much fun. Yesterday I posted a Balsamic Chicken with Strawberries, Basil and Feta Cheese […] Continue reading →

Barrie Hill Lemon Blueberry Cashew Cake

Paula 014b You know how you start craving different flavors with the change of each season?  Once the warm weather hit, my new friend Paula had this unquenchable desire for blueberries and lemon and being the creative genius she is in the kitchen, she conjured up this healthy, flavorful and easy dessert.  So of course it has […] Continue reading →

Garden Vegetable Soup with Wild Leeks

Summer Garden Vegetable Soup #4 After eating wild leeks for the first time this year,  I’m looking for all kinds of ways to use them again.  This Garden Vegetable Soup seemed like a logical way to go and I’m sharing it with Jenny Melrose and her readers today as well.  You really should take a peek at the recipe because it’s […] Continue reading →

Summer Vegetable Tagine (Vegan)

Veg-Tagine-154b As one of my readers commented on Instagram, I’m really into international dishes these days.  I’m so inspired by my trips to the farms that I find myself wanting to introduce all kinds of unique flavors with our everyday fruits and vegetables.  This Summer Vegetable Tagine turned out beautifully and will go well on couscous, brown rice,  […] Continue reading →

5 Ingredient Pork Noodle Bowl

noodle bowl 162b Ever since I read that our grocery bills are going up by 5 – 7% in the next few months, I have been trying to include more inexpensive meals because let’s face it, there are lots more things you’d rather spend your money on than food.  It’s a myth that fresh food is more expensive […] Continue reading →

Tuesday Tidbits (No. 34)

aaaaaaaaaaaaa Hi everyone, I hope your week is off to a good start.  Today I’ve got lots of fun, food, cuteness and giggles for you so fill your coffee cup, relax and treat yourself to a few minutes of ‘me’ time. What does your breakfast look like?  A piece of toast?  A coffee and cereal?  I […] Continue reading →