Blueberry Maple Bread Pudding

Pudding-Bread-288n When was the last time you had bread pudding?  I know, right!  In our family, we always talk about the delicious bread pudding my grandfather used to make and I’m always bookmarking the good looking ones I come across online but I never ever get around to making them.  So it was about time! Bread […] Continue reading →

Tuesday Tidbits (No.37)

stacked-2-1018x1024b Is everyone enjoying their summer?  We had a very hot weekend here and it looks like it’s not going to let up but I’m sure not complaining about the heat after the winter we had!  Take a few minutes for yourself, grab a cool drink and let’s look at some fun stuff together.  I love […] Continue reading →

Raspberry Peach Wine Spritzer

cocktails 236bf It was 38 C (100 F) here yesterday once you factor in the humidity so I decided a cool refreshing drink was in order once happy hour rolled around.  Luckily, I had some beautiful raspberries  from the farms and this drink came together very easily. You’ll want a zesty or aromatic white wine like Chenin Blanc, […] Continue reading →

West Coast Paella

Paella 007bf I usually consider paella to be a fall/winter food but I felt the need for something a little substantial the other day so I decided to try a lightened up, summer-ish, west coast version.  I also remembered that I had promised Mindy (my first reader and commenter!) a healthy seafood chowder and I have yet […] Continue reading →

Strawberry Basil and Shiso Pasta Salad

penne-strawberry-102bF This is the fourth and last recipe in a series of meals that I put together using a minimum number of ingredients.  I know you might consider pasta and strawberries to be an odd mix but if you look around google you’ll see that folks have been using these two ingredients quite often and they seem to […] Continue reading →

Tuesday Tidbits (No. 36)

peas3 Happy Tidbits Day, everyone!  It’s only been two weeks since the last tidbits but it feels much longer doesn’t it?  Summer time gets so busy!  Today I have loads of fun stuff for you so grab a coffee, tea or your favorite beverage and take a few minutes for you and enjoy. I recently went […] Continue reading →

Pappardelle with Salmon and Sugar Snap Peas

Papparadelle 055b2 Even on a rainy day it’s possible to find some fun outdoors. Last Sunday I went out to Barrie Hill Farms for their annual Strawberry Festival but the skies had another plan and rained us out.  So lucky for me, the owner, Morris Gervais, aka Farmer Morris, had a wee bit of spare time and he was kind enough […] Continue reading →