Chicken with Raspberry Chipotle Sauce

R Chicken 287c I just realized I’ve been cranking out a TON of berry recipes and I have no intention of stopping! ha!  Living in frost-bite Canada, you learn to appreciate the beautiful summer produce and I want to experiment with every berry flavour possible.  So it was time to try raspberry chipotle sauce!  Funny enough, I’ve never […] Continue reading →

Quick Strawberry Jam with Basil (GF)

S JAM 114c If you google ‘Strawberry Jam’ recipes you will get 4,390,000 results so I figured you really don’t need another one.  But with basil you say??  Yes, basil!  And it’s fantastic.  You know I love to change things up and really, what’s the point in writing a food blog if you’re going to do what everyone […] Continue reading →

Tuesday Tidbits (No.38)

Baked-Peach-BBQ-Chicken-Wings-Recipe-4FF Happy Tidbits Day, everyone!  I hope you’re enjoying your summer and making the most of your time before the kids go back to school, everyone gets serious at work again and the countdown to Christmas begins.  Yes, Christmas!  Can you believe I saw lights up in Costco the other day?? That’s just cruel, in my […] Continue reading →

Simply Fresh Wild Salmon

Simply Fresh Salmon 121b I’ve been eating a lot of salmon over the summer and I love to keep it simple and fresh.  This recipe lets the flavour of the fish shine and the ease of cooking it will convince you to try it even if you’re a little leery of preparing seafood at home.   The key to cooking […] Continue reading →

Tuesday Tidbits (No.37)

Farmer-Morris-Sweet-Corn-209b Welcome to another edition of Tuesday Tidbits, everyone.  I hope your summer is looking as beautiful as these corn fields.  I’ve got lots of fun little bits for you today so grab your favourite beverage, kick back and enjoy! Speaking of corn, let’s look at some fun recipes with a variation of this popular food… […] Continue reading →