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Blueberry Maple Bread Pudding, with a Maple Syrup Sauce

Now here is a fun and easy dish that everyone will enjoy. This dish can be put together in a matter of minutes. By combining the ingredients, whisking, and then pouring the batter over some bread pieces, you get a meal that you will love to cook. You can even prepare this meal a day before your big event or dinner and have it sit in the refrigerator overnight. Whether you throw it together the last couple of hours or had time to prepare a day ahead of schedule, your blueberry maple bread pudding will be just as great. You can use this one dish as breakfast, brunch, a snack, or even dinner if you are not a picky eater.

There are so many ways you can make this meal your own. For example, some lemon zest was added to the recipe you are about to see, but it is not actually a requirement. Sharing this meal with your friends and family will give you something to talk about for a lifetime and take you back down memory lane every time you eat this meal.

My wish for you is that the smell of the blueberries, the way the bread melts in your mouth as you eat. The taste of the spices underneath your tongue offers and bring to thought pleasant memories for you and your loved ones.

The sauce that accompanies this pudding is literally icing on the cake. You can pour the leftover maple on the top of the pudding; you can also create a sauce in the form of a sweet paste and run it on top. The ingredients needed and the preparation method for this sauce are listed at the end of this recipe.

As you seek to create something new, feel free to explore and make the meal your own. You can add raspberries instead of blueberries; If you are adventurous enough, you may even add peaches or strawberries. You can also let your pudding sit overnight and then create one the same day and see if you can taste a difference. Be sure to let us know your findings. Until such time let’s take a look at this recipe.

Blueberry Maple Bread Pudding with an alternative maple syrup sauce.

By combining the ingredients, whisking, and then pouring the batter over some bread pieces, you get a meal that you will love to cook.
Prep Time10 mins
Cook Time50 mins
Total Time1 hr
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Keyword: blueberry, bread, maple
Servings: 8
Calories: 490kcal


  • - Ingredients to Blueberry Maple Bread Pudding -
  • 1 loaf of bread This can be challah, Nicholyn farm bread, brioche, or your favorite bread
  • 4 eggs
  • cups whole milk
  • ½ cup maple syrup pure
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract pure
  • ¼ teaspoon salt
  • pinch of nutmeg
  • cups blueberries washed raspberry can be used
  • zest from ½ lemon or orange optional
  • You can add some peaches for a little spin optional
  • Here is an alternative to adding maple sauce on the top; A maple syrup sauce:
  • ● 1 cup or 250 ml maple syrup
  • ● 1 cup or 250 ml water
  • ● 1/2 cup 125 ml sugar
  • ● 3 tablespoons or 45 ml butter softened
  • ● 3 tablespoons or 45 ml flour


  • - Instructions of Blueberry Maple Bread Pudding -
  • Cut pieces of bread into 1-inch cubes and place into a 9-inch baking dish. Using a bread knife may assist in getting the cubes precisely as you like them.
  • Whisk the remaining ingredients in a large bowl, omitting the ¼ cup of blueberries.
  • Pour the mixture carefully over the bread and let it sit and soak well.
  • Add the remaining fresh berries on top as garnish.
  • Cover pan in plastic or cling wrap and set in the fridge for 2 hours or up to 24 hours.
  • Preheat the oven to 350 F and replace the plastic wrap with aluminum foil. Bake covered for 20 minutes.
  • Remove foil and bake an additional 30 minutes until puffy and golden. Do not leave unmonitored in the oven for too long.
  • Remove from oven and leave to stand for 5 minutes.
  • Top with slivered almonds, a drizzle of maple syrup, serve and enjoy.
  • - Method of the maple syrup sauce -:
  • In a small saucepan, bring the sugar, water, and maple syrup to a boil. Simmer for 5 minutes.
  • In a bowl, blend the butter and flour with a fork.
  • Slowly add the butter mixture to the previous preparation. Stir until it thickens.
  • Serve the pudding with warm maple sauce.
  • Enjoy.

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