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You may have guessed that I can’t get enough of asparagus! Not only is it a great addition to everyday meals, it’s a veggie that can be easily dressed up for special occasions.  If this scrumptious vegetable is one of your favourites too, here are some recipes you might want to consider for Sunday`s dinner.

Only a few ingredients and a snap to make.  Best to double the recipe on this one.
This is from a fabulous blog, The Culinary Chase.  A simple salad with crunchy pine nuts with a dressing that is designed to beautifully enhance every flavour.
This dish is easy on the budget and easy time wise if you are feeling rushed.  A great compliment to lamb, ham, turkey or seafood.
This recipe is from cookinglight.com and the calorie, fat, and sodium content is very low.
A wonderful blend of flavours.  If you are not a fan of goat cheese, try feta.

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