Healthy Weeknight Meal Plan #3

Wow, Week #3 already!  I have a feeling these meal plans are going to make me even more aware of time flying by.  How’s it going so far?  Don’t forget that you can change up the weeks to suit the appetites and preferences of your family.  Check out Week 1 & 2 for more ideas and create your own meal plan.  Good luck!

Healthy Weekly Meal Plan #3 | Simply Fresh Dinners


Healthy Weekly Meal Plan #3 | Simply Fresh Dinners

Slow Cooker Maple Ham  |  Simply Fresh Dinners

This week I’m changing it up a little bit with a ham.   Two ingredients and a slow cooker.  No thinking required for this one – and some days that’s just the kind of recipe we need, ha!  If you don’t own a slow cooker, here’s the recipe for the oven.  Don’t be intimidated by the fanciness of that one, it was for Easter so don’t fuss with it.  Unless of course you like to fuss, ha!  If you buy a large ham, you can also slice it up for sandwiches for the kids’ lunches – SO much better than deli meat.


Healthy Weekly Meal Plan #3 | Simply Fresh Dinners

Cedar Plank Grilled Sesame Salmon with Kimchi Miso Butter and Grilled Tomatoes

Half Baked Harvest

This dish from the very talented, Tieghan, requires a grill in the recipe but if you’re like me, your grill is buried in the snow at the moment.  I’m pretty sure Tieghan will forgive us if we use the oven for the salmon and broil the tomatoes.   If you’re not near the seashore, I recommend buying frozen salmon.  They flash-freeze it on the boats these days so when you thaw it at home you’re actually getting fresher salmon than if you buy it at the seafood counter.   Don’t forget some fresh basil!


Healthy Weekly Meal Plan #3 | Simply Fresh Dinners

Lentil Ham Soup  |  MidWest Living

Midwest Living estimates the cost of this 6 serving pot of soup at $9.54!  Now that’s a bargain.  And if you buy a large ham and cook it Sunday or Monday, you’ll save even more.  This is 20 minutes of prep in the morning and your slow cooker will serve you dinner when you get home.  This soup is 186 calories and packed full of nutrients.


Healthy Weekly Meal Plan #3 | Simply Fresh Dinners

Honey Buttermilk Roast Chicken  |  The View from Great Island

Sue always comes up with the most visually stunning dishes!  Just combine three ingredients with the chicken in a ziploc bag and store in fridge before you leave for work.  Toss in the oven when you come home and presto – healthy gorgeousness!  Make extra and take some in your lunch the next day (but don’t tell the kids!).


Healthy Weekly Meal Plan #3 | Simply Fresh Dinners

Quick, Low-Cal Shrimp Scampi

I know it’s Friday but you can’t object to pasta and shrimp – everyone’s favorite!  Twenty minutes for this yummy meal and if you buy peeled shrimp you’ve got it made.   What I said about salmon goes double for shrimp.  Frozen shrimp (I recommend medium or large size.  The small and the extra large tend to be rubbery and tough)  is wonderfully fresh these days so unless you know it’s just come off the dock near your house, I’d pass on the fresh.  When the peeled shrimp come on sale, I stock up because it saves a lot of time when you’re in a hurry.  I’m betting you’ll make this your go-to Friday dish.   Cheers!


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    Anita Rivera
    January 23, 2016 at 6:13 am

    GOOD MORNING! I just finished seeing your other post and now you have this one! This one will give me a week’s worth of ideas my friend. It was SO fun to speak to you the other night (while I still had my winter coat on in the house, taking RAW photos!) hahahahahahhahha

    You are a gem. Enjoy your weekend, and like always, your ideas and photos are truly inspirational. Now for me, I have some grading to do and then some photos to take! LOVE!

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    Tania @ COOKTORIA
    January 24, 2016 at 9:07 am

    All these recipes look so scrumptious! Another awesome meal plan, Robyn! I have my eye on the Grilled Sesame Salmon and Quick Low-Cal Shrimp Scampi. Yum!
    Tania @ COOKTORIA recently posted…THE BEST CHICKEN MEATBALLS EVERMy Profile

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    Kristen @ The Endless Meal
    January 24, 2016 at 3:59 pm

    This is such a great meal plan! I’m loving the salmon … it looks so healthy and delicious!!
    Kristen @ The Endless Meal recently posted…Healthy Pumpkin Alfredo with Wilted Garlic KaleMy Profile

  • Reply
    January 24, 2016 at 5:16 pm

    Those dishes all look so fabulous! I’m starving now!
    I think I will have to try the Quick low cal scampi.
    Thanks for sharing
    Gourmet Getaways
    GourmetGetaways recently posted…Garden Kitchen & Bar – Cocktails in the Garden JupitersMy Profile

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