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Shrimp and Edamame with Noodles

Colorful, healthy stir-fry? Yes, please! Whether you’re a college student, a parent, or an adult who loves ramen soups, this recipe is perfect for you. It is just as inexpensive as ramen noodles when bags of frozen shrimp go on sale. Not to mention, it ensures leftover vegetables like edamame and bell peppers don’t go to waste. And it gives you an excuse to indulge in pasta carbs. The real…

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Turkey Veggie Meatballs with Pesto Zucchini “Noodles”

The experience I had with this dish was exceptional. Regardless of my relative attachment to meatballs of all kinds, this dish, in particular, was very delicious, and this is not my opinion alone. As is always the case my husband and children shared with me the tremendous admiration of it. The secret of this dish here to my knowledge is that they don’t prepare the meatballs by themselves, but mixed…

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