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Healthy and Spicy Turkey Chili

Anyone else has plenty of Thanksgiving leftovers? Then you’re in the right place. On the menu: Spicy Turkey Chili. A convenient dish for vegetables, beans, and yummy turkey when you have an hour to cook your leftovers. Besides the usual vegetables and beans, I sometimes incorporate pumpkin, sweet potato, or butternut squash. Pumpkin adds a fantastic source of fiber and is well worth it. Whether you serve with chips or…

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Chicken/ Soups

Spicy Chicken Vegetable Soup

Soup is the constant companion to meals that contain meat or poultry, and frankly, these meals would be very deficient if we take the soup off the menus. There are those who prefer chicken soup over meat or vegetable soup and vice versa. As for me, I prefer chicken soup, I also prefer the flavor of chicken in general. The soup is served hot, and salt is added to it,…

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