Tuesday Tidbits (No. 39)

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I think today is one of the busiest and most anticipated days of the year.  For many parents, it means the kids are back to school (some are cheering, some are crying, hehe!) and for kids it means the start of another year of learning, hard work and some fun, of course.   Along with some chuckles and ohhh’ss and ahhh’s today, I’ve got lots of helpful recipes to help you during this busy time so let’s get started!

I was thrilled this week to be included in a beautiful round up of Easy Weeknight Dinners from feedfeed.  You’ve got to check these out!


Tandoori Lamb Cutlets | Food To Love

You’ll find lots of great quick and easy dishes here that will get you through the busy weeks ahead.

You all know Bobbi from Bam’s Kitchen and she has put together a super collection of quick and healthy chicken recipes – over 70 of them!!  You’ll never need to look anywhere else again! I love that this is all at your fingertips and she’s divided up into stove top, baked, salads, soups, stews and curries, slow cooker and grilled.  What more could you ask for?


I was lucky to be included in this round-up with two of my chicken recipes.   Thanks so much, Bobbi!

One of the link parties that I join up with each week is Food & Fitness Fridays at Jebbica’s World.  She’s got a very helpful list of Healthy Items for Back to School that I definitely recommend checking out.


This is a great resource that covers everything from backpacks, sneakers,  lunch bags,  healthy snack containers, activity trackers and a HEALTHY LUNCHES.  YAY for healthy lunches!!  It’s so important that kids are getting the nutrients they need to get them through their long days.

Ok, you know I have a weakness for a great sandwich and when I saw this at Rhubarbarians, I just had to include it in the features today.


I’m a big fan of Trish’s blog.  Her recipes are unique, her photography is stunning and when you land on her page you feel like you’ve popped into your friendly neighbour’s home.  Each week I look forward to Trish’s new creations and she never disappoints.  I think these flavours would be so yummy together!

Marinated Roasted Red Peppers 500 4280

You can get so many beautiful bell peppers at your farmers’ markets these days so you’ll want to check out Closet Cooking for an easy recipe for marinated roasted red peppers.   If you’ve never visited Kevin’s blog before, you’re in for a huge treat!


And here’s a special treat of Quick Pickled Sweet Peppers with Indian Spices that I am going to make.  This is from the beautiful blog, Spicelines, that I am going to explore more.  So visually appealing!

Did you know that:

  • Bell peppers are low in calories! So, even if you eat one full cup of them, you get just about 45 calories. Bonus: that one cup will give you more than your daily quota of Vitamin A and C!
  • They contain plenty of vitamin C, which powers up your immune system and keeps skin youthful.  The highest amount of Vitamin C in a bell pepper is concentrated in the red variety.
  • Red bell peppers contain several phytochemicals and carotenoids,  particularly beta-carotene, which lavish you with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Read more about this veggie at  Care2, and their list of 9 Incredible Health Benefits of Bell Peppers.   With all these good reasons, we definitely need to stock up! 


When was the last time you took a Personality Test?  I always find these interesting mainly because I seem to be pretty consistent with the test results.  If you’ve never done one, I’d recommend it if only just to take the time to think about you and how you relate to others.  It’s not the answer to all of our questions regarding self analysis but it’s a good exercise to simply check in with yourself.

This one is based on Myers-Briggs which, in my opinion, is the most definitive and reliable.  It’s fun to get family members to take them as well so that you can get some insights on better understanding those closest to you. 


Do you remember your dreams?  Do you wonder about their hidden meanings or do you just disregard them?  Here are 13 Interesting Facts About Dreams from TastyHuman.com.  This blog is chock full of interesting stuff and if you’re an information junkie like me, I know you’ll enjoy it.

Would you be surprised if you were told that everyone dreams? Did you know that your pet is dreaming, too? Check it out.  Fascinating stuff!


Are you one of those highly sensitive people that spends a lot of time apologizing for being ‘too sensitive’?  Well, stop it right now! Ha!  Here are 10 Reasons to be Glad You’re a Highly Sensitive Person.

Sensitive people unite!  You are empathetic, non-combative, well-mannered and much more.  Read this and take your power!

So I know I promised to cut back on the animal stories and pics but then I found this site and I was a goner!  You will be, too.


24 of the Cutest Parenting Moments in the Animal Kingdom from CuteOverload.net.


Click on the pics or this link to see more.  I couldn’t help myself! ha!


One of my favourite places to visit when I want to add cheer to my day (or someone else’s ) is GoodNewsNetwork.com.  They have so many heart-warming stories that will change your view on things and give you a better appreciation of your fellow mankind.  If we watched the evening news every night and believed that’s all there is to life, it would be a pretty dreary existence, don’t you think?


This story will make you smile and may even make you tear up a little.  It sure got me!

This is another video from one of my favourite Canadian shows, Just for Laughs Gags.  They never fail to crack me up.  Have a great day, everyone!



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    Anita Rivera
    September 8, 2015 at 5:15 pm

    I AM FINALLY HERE! I left so early for work this morning that I missed when this came in!

    I so love your Tuesday Tidbits, especially when you include animal pics in there! Nature gives me peace, animals make me smile and laugh, and we just need more happiness in the world! Robyn, your shares are so intensely beautiful, combining food and fun. How I had such a great day with you that one summer day, laughing! OHHHHH how I already look forward to summer again!

    Much love my friend! NOw to go check out that animal site! Anita

    • Reply
      September 9, 2015 at 4:11 pm

      I think everyone had a super busy day yesterday, Anita! Love your visits and I hope you enjoyed that beautiful site of the mothers and their babies 🙂
      We need to chat again soon. Do you think we’ll come up for air again before next summer? lol
      Take care xoox
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  • Reply
    September 9, 2015 at 12:12 am

    What a fantastic collection!
    I love the image of the sandwich with the knife in it, fabulous and delicious!
    Thanks for sharing
    Gourmet Getaways
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  • Reply
    September 9, 2015 at 4:12 pm

    Oh, I love that too, Julie! I am certain that’s one of the best looking sandwiches ever! Now I’ve got to check out your Mexican ceviche! Thanks so much for visiting 🙂

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    September 9, 2015 at 5:03 pm

    As always your posts are the most interesting I read on a weekly basis. I learn so much from you and I am inspired to try new things when I cook. Thank-you dear lady for being here.

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      September 9, 2015 at 8:48 pm

      And as always, your kind comments absolutely make my week, Susan. Thank you so much for the time you take to visit! Your words always inspire me to do better 🙂
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    GiGi Eats
    September 9, 2015 at 6:25 pm

    I need some sock knocking… SO bring on the chicken!
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    September 9, 2015 at 8:51 pm

    LOL…who’s socks are you knocking off, girl?
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